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As many already know, motorcycles are amongst the smallest vehicles on all roadways throughout the United States. While they offer the comfort and freedom of being exposed to the outdoors while commuting to various places, these vehicles provide little to no coverage to riders. For this reason, when a motorcyclist is involved in a vehicle collision, they, more than likely, sustain serious injuries and in the worst cases, fatal injuries.

At The Florida Law Group, our Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers do our best to provide helpful information and tips to keep the Florida highways and roadways as safe as possible. To help protect motorcyclists, we have listed 4 tips motorcycle riders should consider before getting on the road:

Tip 1: Never Split Lanes
Although it is illegal to split lanes in Florida, many motorcyclists do so in order to pass slower vehicles. Unfortunately, this type of driving maneuver is extremely dangerous because motorcyclists move into narrower parts of the road in order to pass other vehicles. In addition, if a car moves into the lane without seeing the motorcyclist, the motorcyclist may be hit by the merging vehicle.

Tip 2: Refrain From Riding in the Blind Spots of Other Motorists

Oftentimes, motorcyclists and other motorists will ride in the blind spots of other vehicles without ever noticing. However, because motorcycles are much smaller and lighter vehicles than other passenger vehicles, it is important motorcyclists remain easily visible to other drivers. To be safe, motorcyclists should pass cars quickly and remain in visible sections of the lane.

Tip 3: Never Assume Another Driver Sees You
One of the most common mistakes motorcyclists make is assuming that drivers of other vehicles see them. This can happen when a motorcyclist makes a left-hand turn in an intersection with two left-hand turn lanes or when a motorcyclist makes a right-hand turn while other cars are making left-hand turns in the same direction. To be extra safe, motorcyclists should make eye contact with other drivers before making abrupt driving maneuvers.

Tip 4: Maintain All Parts of Your Motorcycle
It is important that motorcyclists maintain all parts of their bikes, including brakes, head lights, tail lamps, tires, mirrors, and windshields. Failure to maintain a part of the vehicle can result in serious and preventable accidents.

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